Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cairo, My place in this world

Well, I'm not certain how many of you still read this, but I thought I'd give a quick blog (mostly inspired by Genesis starting his own blog).

I'm in Cairo now, and if you've paid any attention to my facebook statuses, you'd already know this.

Egypt is an interesting place in the world to be. A ton of history here, and its been mind-wracking trying to sort out all my classes / let alone do some independent research.

But overall, I'm pleased to be here, and I'm excited about what this new year will unfold.

My best friends here include a few staff members, and people I've met all around. The person I would consider myself closest to would be Abigail, my colleague, friend, and neighbor. We hang out all the time. We come from different backgrounds, but I'm thankful for her friendship.

My classes are running smoothly. The kids are great, and they love me! The last history teacher didn't have a good rapport with them, so they are very energetic to be in my class.

It was so touching to hear parents say, "my child just called, and said, 'Have you seen Mr. B yet? You haven't? Stop and go see him next!'" Along with things such as "you're the first teacher that has captured his attention." These were from different teachers.

Life here is different, of course. And I've come to accept a ton of this from all my travels. I'm still searching for my niche in this world, as the old Steven Curtis Chapman song says, "I'm looking for a reason, roaming around to find my place in this world, my place in this world."

Hopefully, my old friends, I'll be able to talk to you more often. Peace and Blessings, Ciao!

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  1. I totally understand your students' positive reactions! They need a dynamic teacher like you.